“Change your thoughts, change your life.”       

Wayne Dyer                                    

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.                  

Dare to open your heart and become the person  you are meant to be..”   

eJoseph Campbell                                    



 Welcome to my page. Thank you for stopping by.

 Darlene Jordan a certified life coach, a certified Doreen Virtue Angel Card Reader, and   Energy Balancer. Darlene is a noted metaphysician who touches the hearts and minds   of her clients through her innate abilities and connections with the Spirit-realms.

 Blessed with the gift of vision through her multi-generational lineage, Darlene provides   empowering answers to your questions, teaches insightful lessons, and provides   meaningful guidance to those who connect with her.

How may I serve you?



Services I offer:

  Life Coaching                                                Intuitive-Medium

  Relationships                                                Card Readings:

  Health and Wellness                                            - Angel

  Spiritual Awakening and Alignment                         - Tarot

  Forgiveness                                                         - Past Lives

  Loss                                                                   - Soul Purpose

  Women’s Empowerment                                         - Oracle

  Self Love                                                        Transcendental Communication


Darlene’s credentials include: B.A.;M.S.;Life Coach – CCF; NPL; EFT; Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader; Reiki Fire; Energy Balancer; Workshop and Retreat Facilitator

Contact Darlene:

PHONE: (850) 218-2635

EMAIL: Sedonadar1@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: Blossoms of the Soul Life Coaching/FB